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What's The Harm?


This site is aimed specifically at Christians - those who proclaim that Christ Jesus is their Lord, Boss & Master.  Jesus said that He is "The Way, The Truth, and The Life."  (John 14:6).  Shouldn't knowing THE TRUTH make us 100% truthful people?


Don't Pass Along Internet/Email Hoaxes!

Did you know that much of the email we receive on a daily basis is based upon lies, rumors, myths, and urban legends?  The following types of messages usually contain lies:

bulletinspirational stories presented as true stories
bulletvirus warnings
bulletpleas to help sick or dying children by forwarding email
bulletmessages that say that you can get money or gift certificates for forwarding email
bulletemail petitions
bulletcautionary tales of kidnappings or abductions
bullethealth scares or caution about using particular products
bullettales of vast conspiracies

Many well-meaning people forward these type of messages on a daily basis without a second thought.  So, what's wrong with that?  Plenty. First, it bears false witness against real people, companies and organizations.  Second, these people, companies and organizations may be directly harmed by these hoaxes.  If you don't believe that, please read the article called "What's The Harm?"

Some people might still say, "oh, but this is just a small thing."  Most of these "small" lies can actually hurt real people, real companies, or real organizations and bear "false witness."  Even if it doesn't hurt any person or company, our God is not the author of lies of any sort, so we should not be involved in them.  The first lie ever told had a bit of truth behind it, but even that truth was skewed into sounding like something that it was not.  As servants of the Lord Jesus Christ, we simply have no business with a lie of any kind.

Christians are not only the main sources for spreading internet lies, but they are frequently the target of them.  No wonder people think that we are gullible fools who will believe anything we are told without bothering to question it (including our faith in God!).   We must learn to be 100% truthful and learn how to discern the truth from lies.  God gave us minds to question and discern, so let's start using them.  If we start with truthfulness while online, maybe it will filter down to ALL areas of our lives.

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The most accessed page on my site has nothing to do with internet hoaxes.  It is HELP FOR PORN ADDICTS.  It tells the truth about what this addiction really is (an addiction is your god) and what it will take to get out of it. 


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