What's The Harm?


In 1999 I got on the internet for the first time.  I immediately started getting emails that I knew could not be true from misguided, but I'm sure well-meaning people.  Snopes was already around and a few sites that are no longer up and running.  I looked up the information and sent out the real story.  Some people were mad, some were glad.  One lady said that she didn't believe them but sent them out for fun.  Lying is fun?  Did I miss that in our Christian marching orders or something? 

That was the start of what became Truth Miners.  I had to give up doing the research (except for a few friend) for a few years due to work schedule, but I'm back now. The motto "we dig truth" has a double meaning.  It means that I dig it out and that I just like it.  My statements about truth telling can be found on the home page of this site.

I'm just an ordinary person.  We're on the lower end of being middle class but do own our own home.  It's over 100 years old.  We are conservatives, both politically and in our Christian faith and practice.  My husband pastors a small (but growing) Baptist church here in Central Florida. A statement of faith can be found on our church website.  My work history is varied - I've been a secretary, worked in communications at our local Chamber of Commerce and most recently worked in insurance and account at a chiropractic clinic. I'm webmaster for a couple of small businesses and I clean up computers for people I know and teach people how to use their software.  I direct our church choir and I'm writing a book. 

There is no staff - just me.  I won't be able to answer everything, but I will try.  I will be starting a blog soon and keeping everyone up on where the book is going. 

Friends can find me on Facebook.  Old friends from my former Truth Miners site can contact me and I'll get them the new address.  I'd like to make new friends as well! 

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